Benefits of Buying Used Heavy Construction Equipment

Benefits of Buying Used Heavy Construction Equipment

While it’s fun and exciting to get new equipment, it may be better, at least in the short term, to get used heavy equipment instead to fulfil your construction or demolition requirements.

We at DLM Machinery have 3 big reasons why you should opt to buy used heavy equipment.

1. Lower Cost

The most practical reason why you should buy used heavy equipment is that it’s more affordable. Usually, the price drops to as much as 40% as compared to buying new equipment.

Used heavy equipment, if properly maintained, will work roughly the same as a new model will and given that you have more money in your hands, you can opt to buy more machines from your trusted heavy equipment dealer.

DLM Machinery suggests that you get used equipment if you’re on a budget or while you’re waiting for newer equipment. We have a selection of used heavy construction equipment for sale on our website.

2. Great Resale Value

More often than not, buying new equipment takes time to acquire. You have to wait for the manufacturer to finish completing one equipment and, if you do decide to sell that over time, it may have lost some significant value.

On the other hand, when you buy used heavy equipment, you have a better chance at reselling it if you choose to move on with another piece of equipment. The resale value is usually a fraction of the original price you paid for.

In short, when you buy used equipment and sell it afterwards, you get a great return on investment.

3. Wider Selection

Because there are so many used heavy equipment still on the market – probably a little more than new equipment – you have a wider range of machines to choose from. You can buy an older model for a backhoe, for example, for basic transportation for building materials.

You’ll also have a higher chance of finding what you need without having to wait for a long period of time before getting newer equipment.

Remember though, as you buy used heavy equipment, you’ll need to double-check its quality before paying its price. Here are some tips to get your money’s worth:

  • Ask your heavy equipment dealer how many hours a piece of equipment has worked on. The machine may be slower if the former owner may have used it to or beyond its limits and probably the asking price may not be worth it.
  • Be sure to also check the equipment’s history to avoid buying something that’s been stolen and that all papers or documentation are legitimate and complete. This is to avoid any unwanted legal problems later on.
  • Finally, take an extra look at the machine’s accuracy. Naturally, you’d like your equipment to be precise when doing detailed construction work so that you maintain a high level of quality and output. Good equipment, used or new, will help you gain better trust from your clients.

Get the best new and used heavy equipment from us at DLM Machinery, your trusted heavy equipment dealer. We supply a wide range of machines built for any heavy-duty construction, demolition and farming jobs across Hobart and the rest of Tasmania. For enquiries, call us up at 03 6339 1550 or visit our website for more information.