Questions to Ask When Buying Used Construction Equipment

Questions to Ask When Buying Used Construction Equipment

When it comes to purchasing any construction equipment, it is essential to buy right so you can maximize your investment.

If you are looking for a solution that is cost-efficient yet can do the job done, then going for used equipment could be the best choice for you!

Since we know that there is an extensive range of used construction machinery available online, we gathered some of the things that you should look for when buying construction equipment.

Find the best construction equipment need by asking these questions:

What is the brand?

Heavy construction machinery is an investment, so we suggest that you go for reputable and well-known brands that’s been tested for many years.

Who is the seller?

Finding a reputable seller can be a challenge sometimes, but when in doubt, try to review the feedback of previous clients. Check both the positive and negative reviews so you can make a better call whether to buy or not.

Is it still under warranty?

Even though lots of construction equipment have long warranties, it is best to ask if the one you’re about to purchase is still under warranty. This saves you from worry and unexpected expense in case the machine acts up.

How many hours does the machine work in total?

Machines have what we call as the “life cycle” or work hours. Once the machine reaches, it’s maximum work hours; it becomes more prone to failure. We suggest that you choose machines that have lower life cycle count so you can maximize your investment.

Service and repair history?

Knowing the service and repairs done to the equipment you are about to buy is necessary as it gives you an idea of the care and treatment the equipment would need in the future.

Are there new parts available?

It is always better to ask the owner if there are newly installed parts and research the availability of parts for that particular unit. If the parts are difficult to source or take time to arrive, consider choosing a different unit.

Can I test drive it?

If the owner refuses a test drive, chances are there is a problem with the equipment. Don’t consider buying a machine that you haven’t tested.
But when you do get to test drive it, observe if it is easy to operate and listen to unusual noises as it can be a sign that the machine is not in its best condition.

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